FIBoPS – First International Fair for the Interchange of Social Environmental Good Practices
23rd, 24th, 25th September, 2008
Grand Hotel Ca’d’Oro – 129, Augusta Street – Consolação – São Paulo – Brazil
Phone nr.: (+5511) 3236-4377 –

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  Rules for the Subscription:

      1- National Good Practices Expositors
  • The 1st. FIBoPS participation is exclusive for the category of enterprises listed in the Raking of the Brazilian Environmental Benchmarking Program of the last 5 editions. It has 20% of the Ranking (or 20 subscriptions offered for the 91 Institutions of the Ranking)More info:  Summary    Program   Presentation   


 Investiment:Under consulting 

Rights of the Reciprocity:
  • Exposition of the case selected for the Benchmarking Program in one of the Panels of the FIBoPS Fair, including the participation in the closing debate. More info:  Presentation
  • Inclusion of the case summary (description) in the Benchmarking Good Practices Guide a publication produced specially for the Fair. The description needs to follow the personalized script (text with the description of the items) and logotype of the institution. Circulation: 5.000 guides. More info:  Presentation
  • Ambience with an LCD screen (or plasma)
  • Vignette running on the principal screen in the exposition playground and in the intervals of the programming at the auditorium (the vignette is of responsibility of the expositor and shall not exceed 1 minute)
  • Logotype exposed in the whole printed and digital material used in the Fair (invitations, banners, folders, newsletters, etc)
  • Presence of promoters of the institution to broadcast its good practices in the stand
  • The right to send professionals to participate in the FNQ’s workshops of the good practices (National Quality Foundation), which will take place during the FIBoPS – See the FNQ’s program
  • The right to receive 300 invitations for distributing among the customers and employees
  • The right to receive 10 brunch-tickets (space vip gourmet)
  • The right to take coffee in the vip space in order to broadcast or negotiate with special clients
  • In the case of having an institutional or promotional video, it can be showed in the stand
  • The right to participate in the closing cocktail
 2- Expositors of the International Good Practices
    The participation in this category follows the criteria of the selection and indication of the international institutions and the Benchmarking Program’s approval. The cases need to have successful indicators in the country they come from and need to be indicated by a Brazilian or International institution with affinity with the social environmental good practices. The indications will be analyzed and approved by the Brazilian Environmental Benchmarking Program that is the board-certified institute for the approvals, in order to assure the quality and standardization of the cases. See the Presentation
      3- Sponsors:
  • They will have space to divulge the Institution and the reciprocities. Quotes and amounts under consulting
     See  Program    Summary    Presentation  
EXPOSITION PLAYGROUND – from 09h00 to 20h00

Annexed to the auditorium and simultaneously to its program the stands of the good practices will be opened to the public. There will be national and international institutions showing their good practices and also the sponsors, universities and supportive enterprises, in order to attend the visitors of the Fair. 

Organization and Realization

Mais Atitude Instituto Socioambiental – Instituto Mais
Diretorship: Cláudio Alves, Paulo Prado and Rosana Zenezi
Official name: Mais Atitude Instituto Socioambiental – Instituto Mais
CNPJ Nº: 09.547.895;0001-53
Phone nr.: +55 11 3257-9660

Name: 1st FIBoPS – First International Fair for the Interchange of the Social Environmental Good Practices
Place: Grand Hotel Ca’d’Oro  – Rua Augusta, 129 – São Paulo/SP – Brazil         
Begin Date: September, 23 and 24, 2008 – from 9h00 to 20h30 
Finish Date: September, 25, 2008 – from 09h00 to 16h30